AM3+ Motherboard 990FX VGA HDMI

I am looking for a Motherboard, with the socket AM3+ and with the Chipset 900FX. The Motherboard must also have a VGA output as well as a HDMI output, built in.
I have been looking all over the internet looking for this, and I am yet to find one around the £90 mark. Many Z77, Z87 Motherboards have VGA and HDMI outputs, why not on the 900FX Motherboards?

Is there any that anybody could suggest?

Thanks in advance for any replies made.
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    The 900-series chipset boards do not have integrated video. You will need to buy an add-on card. If you will not be playing games, a HD6450 or GT610 will be sufficient.
  2. Enthusiast motherboards generally expect you to buy a GPU
    A low end GPU should be available for less then 30 British pounds.
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