How much wattage does my pc need

Hi, I am going to buy myself a new graphics card tho i do want a good power supply for my new card and computer

CPU: Intel core I7 - 2600
GPU: Nvidia GTX 660 ti msi power edition

So what do i need?

(sorry for my bad english)
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  1. forgot some stuff

    Motherboard:medion ms-7728

    4096MB of RAM
    And i have some stock fans nothing special
  2. 600w will be plenty.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Just remember to make it a quality unit too.
  5. I have a reference GTX 660 and it puts out about 200W on full use, so a 550W - 600W is about what you need. Something like this:
  6. A good 80+ Bronze or better rated 500w psu will be more than sufficient. That system won't even pull 300w unless your overclocking and even then 350w.
  7. well i might overclock my gpu a bit other than that not realy
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