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I was given a computer that has Vista installed on it. THe computer does not have a restore partition and also did not come with the Vista disk. It is a home built computer so I am almost postive it has a retail Version of Vista on it.

What I would like to do is reformat the computer. I have Vista restore disks from other computers (OEM) like Dell and HP, but I have no Vista retail disks. Getting the product code from the machine shouldnt be a problem using one of the utilities out there, the key are genuine and valid. The problem I am having is, I dont have a disk to use for reformatting. Would one of the OEM disks work? Or is there a resource online to download an retail ISO and use a valid key? I googled around some, but didnt want to take the chance of downloaded an infected ISO.

Please dont reply saying why not install Win 7 or 8, because I do not have the funds to purchase a key for those. I was given this computer free of charge.

Thanks alot
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  1. I think those ISO has their own valid key. Although the disk try lend from someone and use your own key and see what happens..
  2. That is also a problem. Finding someone with a copy of Vista Retail is not easy....99% of people buy computers with windows already installed...which means their disks are OEM
  3. I do like to ask Moderators or Admin to approve this part first.
    Can i give him my vista ISO x64 Enterprice SP1 ? NO KEY Included OF course. English version windows.A Legit ISO.
  4. Quote:
    ....Can i give him my vista ISO x64 Enterprice SP1 ? NO KEY Included OF course....

    Only if he has a VLK, and is running a kms server on an AD domain.
  5. VLK? KMS server? Valid legitimated Key ... Kms???
  6. VLK = Volume License Key
    KMS = Key Management Server

    But then, if you have a legitimate copy of Enterprise, you already know this.
  7. PM sent..thanks so much for the help
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