FPS drop in battlefield 3 multiplayer?

Intel core i5 2400(idle temp=45 C, Under load=72 C)
Asus p8h61 t m lx
4 GB Corsair vengeance
1 TB seagate hdd st31000524as
EVGA GTX 560 ti fps edition(idle temp=43 C, Under load=69 C)
cooler master EX2 525watt psu

there's fps drop after 2-3 mins of playing and it kept happening.settings of game are
720p AA off blur off texture medium all other on ultra

can't find problem sometimes i think its HDD cuz when i tried to record gameplay with fraps it recorded in segments.like some were of 10 seconds and some of segments were of 1-2 mins

i need help asap please

thanks in advance

please help me asap
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  1. 72C on the CPU is pretty high. do you have an aftermarket cooler?
  2. songorocosongo said:
    72C on the CPU is pretty high. do you have an aftermarket cooler?

    No but my friend who has i3 and his temps are always above 70 C while playing bf3.he never faces any lag....i noticed that when i play grid 2 and the loading screen comes up i can see stuttering again but no fps drop while playing... i mean when HDD is working i think its when i laggs
  3. I had similar problems with my CPU. Temps were getting to the high sixties and BF3 would not run over 30fps no matter the settings or the resolution. The problem started with lag and progressed to very low fps in the course of 3 weeks. When I upgraded to a Hyper 212 EVO my temps went down more than 20 degrees and I'm playing BF3 on Ultra again always over 55fps. The problem could be something else but it's a possibility you can't ignore.
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