Good CPU Cooler for £50 (i5 3570k)

Hi, well the clue is in the title a good cpu fan that would give good cooling and allow some good OC for my i5

GPU: Asus GTX 780

Case: NZXT Phantom full tower
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  1. I keep hearing about the EVO 212.
  2. For overclocking you may want to look into a self contained liquid cooling system such as a corsair hydro series H80 or H60 depending on what you want to pay.
    and H60
    That would be your best bet for overclocking due to its quiet running condition and that fact its liquid cooled.
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Inexpensive and reasonably quiet. You should get up to about 4.2 The Noctua DH-14 is not inexpensive but can take you up to 4.5. Above 4.5 you need water.
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