Video Issues with Avermedia Live Gamer HD - (BenQ 120hz; NVIDIA GTX 660ti)

Originaly I was not having any issues with Video specifically. Then I realized my monitor would not show up in the NVIDIA control panel, and my main goal was to play games in 120 hz.

My original set-up:

My BenQ XL2420 (120 hz monitor) -- Dual Link DVI was plugged into the capture card through an HDMI adapter.

For my Video Card (GTX 660ti) was plugged in with HDMI (through the Dual Link Adapter) from the capture card.

After switching around the cords, now the only video i'm receiving is when my dual link DVI is plugged in the Video Card.

I have tried to set up the above configuration (original cord set up. that worked) it would work, only until windows starts loading, until it makes the windows noise then the screen goes black. And that's when only the DVI will work.

Any pictures I could link, that would help anyone point me in the right direction... please let me know. I have working on this literally all day on and off and starting to feel a little discouraged. Thanks a ton.
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  1. You cannot go from dual link DVI-D to HDMI and back to dual link DVI-D and maintain a 120hz signal. The HDMI conversion prevents more than 60hz.
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