RAID vs JBOD- SSD storage

Does anyone have experience with RAID or JBOD in regards to pc's? I have experience with neither.
I was wondering about multiple ssd's for storage in a new build. Would a RAID level be better than a JBOD? If a drive fails, would data be striped automatically onto the replacement drive?
Is there an upward limit of the number of ssd's that can be used in either RAID or JBOD?
This would not be for a gaming pc, but would be independent of an ssd boot drive. I thought it might be interesting to have a large storage array comprised of ssd's.
Any thought, comments or recommendations?
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    RAID + SSD - "Great For Benchmarks, Not So Much In The Real World ",3485.html
  2. Thanks for the link- I guess I over think:ange:
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