Clean Windows 7 install on Gigabyte mobo restarts and freezes

I am building a new system with the following:
-Old HP Pavillion mini-tower case
-AMD A-10-5800K CPU
-1 4GB DDR3 1333 module
-Gigabyte F2A85XM-D3H motherboard (with F2 BIOS)
-Samsung HD251HJ 250GB HDD
-Antec 430W PS
-DVD drive
-Windows 7 full version

This is the sequence I used to install windows 7:

-Started at BIOS to change boot to DVD drive
-Booted from Windows 7 disk
-Used windows install utility to make new HDD partitions
-Installed windows 7 => at this point the instability appears
-Installed LAN and chipset drivers (from Gigabyte install disk) =>this does NOT fix the instability
-Installed graphics driver for embedded graphics on A-10 CPU => this does not fix it either

When I boot into Windows 7, the system is extremely unstable. There are many restarts and freezes. These restarts and freezes happen between 10 seconds and five minutes after booting to windows 7. There is no error message or blue screen. The power just restarts as though I hit the reset button. Sometimes the image on the screen freezes with a kind of rainbow ghosting pattern around the edges of things.

I repeated the install procedure a second time, and I got the same result. The install process takes about a half an hour, and this completed both times without a freeze or restart. Also, I have run the DOS version of SeaTools to check out my HDD and run it for several hours with no freezes or restarts.

This problem seems to only happen when I boot to windows 7 from my own HDD. Is this a bad motherboard? Is there some broken feature only used by Win 7 that is causing the restarts? It seems unlikely that the problem is my RAM or my PSU, since the operating system does not affect the operating mode of these components. Is it possible that the drivers provided by Gigabyte for their own product are no good? Is this possible?
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  1. I was able to run Puppy Linux for a few hours before it spontaneously rebooted again. The spontaneous reboot issue is still present with Linux, but it is an order of magnitude worse for win 7.

    I ran Memtest86+ and it ran five cycles over four hours with no failures, and then froze. It looks like the memory is ok. I think it is time to RMA the mobo.
  2. did this fix your problem!? I am experiencing the same thing with a gigabyte board. Its a different model tho.
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