Logitech g500 vs g400 vs Razer Deathadder

Which of these mice would be best for FPS games?
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  1. DDuno said:
    Which of these mice would be best for FPS games?

    One of the main things I look for in a mouse for FPS is the number of buttons on the side. These can be customize for quick access on the go in case you want to go prone, crouch, change firing rate or select different kit on the move. You can assigned these to regular keys, but if your moving and one of the keys is located close to one of the movement keys, this can be hassle. Also being able to change the DPI is important. I find myself chaging dpi in battlefield 3 depending on the situation, whether i am sniping or going rambo.

    Out of all those mouses, I would go for the G500. However, if you can afford it, I would recommend the G700 which has more button to customize and aren't ackwarkly placed. Do not get an MMO mouse unless you do alot of MMO gaming.

    I currently use the G700 (there's a newer model out now G700s) which can be wired or wireless. I always use it wired for better response time.
  2. i cant say anything about the g500, but i freaking love my 2013 deathadder. I got it on sale for around 40$, and it has really improved my gaming. (over a microsoft basic mouse lol) anyway the click is springy, its ultra comfortable with claw or palm grip. the mouse is comfortable even after extended hours of use. It looks really nice with my green/black theme. As for durability, the product has had no issues after 4 months of daily use. It is build well, and feels sturdy. It is somewhat light, but i prefer it that way. Also its really customizable.

    theres my rant lol
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