cant install windows xp over windows 7

i got win 7 in my system, but i want to install win xp. but i cant install it. while installing it is showing that " the os in your system is newer version".

can i clean boot my hard disk with winsows 7 cd and then can i install xp with that Cd ?? ??
help plsss
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  1. 1. Why XP?
    2. Where did you get this copy of XP?
    3. No, that's not how it works. A Win7 install disk goes not also contain the install of WinXP.
  2. I like, USAFRet, wonder why you would want to downgrade Windows 7 to Windows XP? You should be able to format the drive as part of the install process (using the Windows XP disc) but keep in mind that if you do you will have to make sure XP drivers are available for your computer. Before doing anything you should check the manufacturer's site to make sure you will be able to download the necessary motherboard drivers as well as other drivers you may need.
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