FX 6300 vs i5 2500? Help me decide my cpu/gpu please

Hey guys, I need some help.

Ive been having some real trouble lately deciding on what cpu/gpu combo to use.

At first I was looking at the a10 5800k for the price/performance.
Then I was looking at the a10 6800k because its next gen and being released soon -

next I realized i'd want more processing power since i'd be doing low to mid end video editing (sony vegas) - not just gaming.

I ultimately decided on the i5, 2nd or 3rd generation (doesnt matter) (OC' able or not), which of course was a huge increase in my budget, forcing me to wait longer (paychecks) for more money to afford this High end cpu + decent gpu.

My top choices right now:

-Fx 6300 + HD 6850 + micro atx + 8gb 1600mhz ram: $340 (in budget)

-i5 2500(or other) + HD 6850 + micro atx + 8gb 1600mhz ram: $415 (out of budget, longer delay on build)

^--above build without gpu: $300 (in budget)

-a10 6800k +micro atx + 8gb 2133mhz ram: $270 (way in budget)

Anyway, which do you think I should go for, if I'm using my computer for 30% editing, 30% gaming, and 40% web browsing/streaming?

I included the i5 without a gpu, because I was thinking maybe I could purchase a gpu later on, but again, im not sure.

I'm only in high school, so obviously money's pretty tight. Sorry for the run on post, but I really hope some of you can guide me with personal experiences and well influenced information. Thank you.

If you have any better ideas for cpu/gpu/ram, in my budget, feel free to let me know as well
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  1. With a radeon 6850 the 6300 would be enough (it would be similar to my setup with a 1090t and I am videocard limited), however it does the depend on the games you want to play. The 6300+radeon hd6850 gets my vote.
  2. I agree I would go with the first build and if possible try and pick up a 7850 instead if you can find one that fits within your budget if not I guess you get what you can afford.
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