How to Setup 3 Different Network Under One Router

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I need to setup a Site office, where 3 clients working together. each clients have nearly 10 people each. How can I make separate network for this 3 clients under one router to share internet for all? What all other equipment I need to do this?
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    You will probably need to set up a VLAN environment for this sort of network configuration. First, you will need an actual business router that is capable of routing between multiple networks and not just a gateway like most wireless routers. For added security, and ensuring that client access is strictly limited to their own network, I'd recommend getting a business firewall. Personally I have used Sonicwall TZ series firewalls and they are wonderful. These devices are easy to configure with a nice and intuitive GUI, and there is a lot of documentation out there with steps to do anything you can imagine. Sizing the proper device is going to depend on a lot of different factors including the amount of network bandwidth you need, the number of network interfaces, and the number of total clients in the network. The most basic Sonicwall TZ 105 though begins as little as $300 so for all the features you get, it's a great deal.

    Each interface will then be configured as its own network zone, and will become the default gateway for each of your networks. Now you could put in a simple switch for each separate network, to connect all their individual devices, but this can get messy and be more expensive than getting a nice 48-port managed switch which gives you plenty of room for expansion, and can be configured into your separate VLANs for your separate network zones.

    In the end, this can be a pretty complex thing to set up properly and ensure that the network is operating optimally and securely. If you aren't sure how to set up a router or configure VLANs, then I'd suggest you hire an expert who can. It will be a lot less of a headache to much less costly to do it right the first time then have upset staff and trying to fix multitudes of problems.
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