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Hi, does windows 8 permit the user to have a plain desktop background similar to windows 7 or windows xp? with my current 2 computers which contain windows 7 and xp i use a desktop background showing "solid blue color" which is plain, simple and very bright and i like this desktop background very much. i never used windows 8 but whenever i see the desktop menu page of windows 8 on the web i see it contains multiple small rectangular or square sized boxes with the icon names written inside them - for example internet explorer, facebook, weather etc etc. can this default multiple boxes desktop background changed to something plain and simple like "solid blue color" that the windows 7 or xp contains (just blue color background without any boxes), or am i doomed to live with this multiple boxed background forever? thanks!
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    Right click on the background of your Desktop, select Personalize, then select Desktop Background at the left of the options at the bottom of the window. In the drop down menu labeled Picture Location, select Solid Colors. Alternatively you can access Personalize from the Charms bar under Settings while you are on the Desktop.
  2. Thanks!, can i ask one more question, say for example i choose solid blue color option for desktop background, in that case will the boxes on the desktop start screen of windows 8 disappear and will i get only the plain blue colored background where i can put the icons i want for example internet explorer, miscrosoft word, my computer etc the way i could put in windows 7 or xp start screen?
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