GTX 560 - Overheating?

Hello Everyone.. I have a GTX 560 and while playing demanding games such as BF3 and Far Cry 3. My GPU goes MAXIMUM to 70 Degrees, oh and I have underclocked it to reduce the tempertures.

I just wana be sure that my GPU wont burn out? and I have alot of fans around the GPU.
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  1. The MAXIMUM and I mean MAX temperature that is safe for gpus is all the way up to 105 C You may want to download MSI Afterburner, if you havent, which would allow you to boost the fan speed all the way to max which may help, mine autos to 39 percent.
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    70C is just fine for the 560. Nothing to be worried about. Anything below 80 under heavy load are good temps.
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