Asus S300CA Laptop Screen turns Black with Mouse Cursor

It suddenly turns Black screen with mouse cursor when I click shutdown. I've seen a notification before it turned to black but I haven't read it because it's so fast. I'm waiting for it to totally shutdown but it took so long. So I did a prolong press to the power button and it turn to sleep. When I turned on again it still the same situation I've seen. I was just surfing the internet, watching videos and I didn't download any app. Can you please help me how to solve this problem? thanks
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    Sounds as if your OS has developed a fault. You can 'Refresh' your Windows installation without losing data, but you would need to re-install the non Windows software.
    One thing you could try first.
    Winkey plus 'X'
    Choose Command Prompt (Admin)
    Type sfc /scannow
    Your OS will be checked for errors and will automatically fix any found.
    If that fails, at your Start screen type 'Refresh' and from Settings choose 'Refresh your PC'.
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