How to Limit Internet Access for some devices (PC or Mobile) on HG532c

Hi everyone,
Do you know how to block access of some websites to particular internet users.I mean I want some computers / devices to access internet freely but some should not be able to access website like youtube. I am using HUAWEI HG532C. Can you please guide me if you can. I tried by assigning predefined IPs (using MAC address) to those machines having unlimited access (ie after while others are getting by DHCP from between - 50

Then from advanced,I tried by filtering using MAC or IP filter (which stop completely). but if i block URLs those are being blocked to all devices over the network.

any other idea?
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  1. As I know, WFilter free is a freeware for internet filtering.

    You need to setup a mirroring port in your switch and connect the WFIlter computer to the mirroring port to monitor and filter internet access.
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