32-bit OS, EMT64 CPU 8gb RAM

I built my own system and I'm not sure about what I have created when I read about the RAM restrictions on 32-bit systems.

My OS is a Win 7 Professional 32-bit and I am running an Intel i5 3570 processor that has the EM64T. Will I be able to make use of the whole 8GB RAM installed (or 16gb in the future)? Or do I really need to have a 64-bit OS even if I have the EM64T chip?
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    Your system is only going recognize about 3.2GB running a 32bit OS. you need to reinstall windows 64bit to utilize your 8gb installed. yes in the future 16GB. Have to install win7 pro or higher to utilize more than 8gb win7 premium and below only recognize up to 16gb
  2. @darkbooton Answered the core of your question: if you want to used the RAM you will need a 64-bit operating system. "EMT64" is one of Intel's 64-bit memory addressing instruction sets, without a 64-bit operating system it can't be taken advantage of.
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