Will I get used to a XBOX 360-style PC gamepad?

I'm thinking about buying this PC gamepad:

It seems to have a great cost/benefit ratio and it's from Thrustmaster, which sells top-quality products like Sony, Microsoft or Logitech.

My previous gamepad was a generic dualshock-style PC gamepad which completely stopped working ONE month after the warranty had expired, so I'm planning to purchase another one, but with quality. I use gamepads mainly for emulators, FIFA 13 and racing games. I have found another dualshock-style gamepad also from Thrustmaster, with several favourable reviews and a long warranty period as well, but it costs 25% more and does not feature vibration. So, I ask you: have you ever switched from a PSX controller-style to a xbox-style? Is it hard getting used to it or just a matter of time? At first it seems very weird for me to have the D-pad between the thumb sticks. I have once tried a Xbox 360 gamepad, but it was ages ago, so i don't recall very well if it was good or not. What do you think?
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  1. Millions upon millions of people prefer the Xbox style over the PS. I preferred the PS style, but eventually came to like the Xbox controller. Will you like it? Who knows.
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    You shouldn't have any issues getting used to a 360 style controller. Actually you will probably find it more comfortable than the PS style controller. Most do... The only thing that could be better on the 360 controller is the d-pad, but that mostly applies to fighting games.

    BTW you could just get a regular 360 controller. They are built really well, and I believe logitech makes them for Microsoft, or they used too.

    Oh and stay away from the Razor Onza controllers. They are famous for failing pretty quick in one way or another. Buttons dieing, deadzones get out of line easily so the controller will pull left or right for no reason. If your going to be playing racing games, you definitly won't want that. lol.
  3. The good thing about the Thrustmaster gamepad compared with the official Microsoft one is the d-pad, which looks much better (all reviewers pointed that). The sticks have also been reported to be much more accurate too. Well, if a lot of people got used to it, I think I can too. The vibration feature also helps, and I will even save some bucks compared to the dual shock one. If I don't like it, I'm gonna send it back to the retailer. Thanks guys, I'm gonna purchase this, I hope it's good as it seems.
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