Getting shock from cpu heat sink

Reassembled my pc for cleaning. Mounted the mobo to the case. Mounted cpu fan and connected atx power and cpu power. Just I was going to start the pc to check for post, I touched the cpu heat sink and got a continuous shock(not static) . Immediately turned down the power. Has the damage been done or is it fixable.

GB GA 78LMt s2pt
Fx 6100
Seasonic s12ii 520w
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  1. Could be , shock is never a good thing coming from a board.
  2. Hi
    Does the plug on end of cable from wall socket to PSU have an earth connection ?
    (does socket have earth (ground) connection

    You should not get a shock if earth wire connected correctly.

    was there any smoke or smell of burning. ?

    Mike Barnes
  3. Tried to start the system despite this and it works. Posts and everything but it says that my windows is corrupted. I was using a power cable without the earth pin because the cable provided was too short. However, this issue never happened. Can anyone explain why? Now I am using the short cable with the earth pin and the problem seems to have been fixed. However I am curious on why it started happening now.

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