DX8400 - Ink cartidges cannot be recongnized ( ASAP help please )

Hi guys !

So i today bought new cartidge to my printer, cyan. When i was installing it, i removed magneta cartidge to get easier access to cyan one. Cyan installed normally, but then i got error, that Ink cartidges cannot be recongnized. And showing Magneta one.

It was working before, because before i removed it, it recongnized it, but since i put it back, printer can't recongnize it.

Please help as soon as possible, i have to print alot of documents to my work, and it would be bad if i wouldn't have them tomorow.
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  1. I've had ink cats that were marginally OK, show as bad upon reinstallation.

    For instance, if it was OK at 11%, and the threshold is 10%...the printer might now see it as 'bad'.

    What did the printer report for status on the Magenta before removing it?
    Probable solution, get another Magenta.
  2. You should never remove any ink cart that you aren't replacing because this is exactly what can happen.

    That said I would go through the process of installing a new cartridge and when you get to the point where you would normally uninstall the old cartridge remove the Magenta and install again when you get to the point where you would install a new one.

    If that doesn't work and it very well might not, you will need a new cartridge.
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