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I was wondering if anyone could help suggest a budget gaming build around the only thing I can salvage from my current old dead pc which is I think the case which is a Sagitta raidmax shown here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811156180

The old motherboard is a p5n-e sli
It was a cyberpower buy which I regret the company was a pain to deal with and things never seemed to work right although I'm computer illiterate so take that with a grain of salt so basically I want to salvage what I can from it and I think the graphics card is burnt out but maybe the hardrive can be salvaged. can I reuse the case ?what should I be aware of to do so?
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  1. What is your budget and where do you plan on purchasing the parts?
  2. ya...thr should be no problem in reusing the case....though i would advise against the hard drive cuz current hard drives are faster
  3. My budget is around 500 could be more but that would require more time to save up which is a possibility ive been without a working computer for a year now so whats a few more months and I dont have a place in mind yet to purchase
    maybe newegg. thanks for the quick replies much appreciated
  4. If you can wait around, wait for AMD to release Steamroller this fall. The best component deals are available during the holiday season so that is the most opportune time to purchase.
  5. Hhmm ill look in to amds steamroller and its a good thing to consider if i dont end up doing the build sooner rather than later that deals may get better later in the year. thanks for the advice!
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