No video display but video card works on other pc

Can it be the motherboard because this problem happen after pulling the power cable on the psu. I even used another CMOS battery because I read that could be the problem but didn't work. The motherboard lights and fan turn on but it doesn't post and I can get into bios
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  1. You can get into the bios?
  2. Sorry I meant to say I can't get into bios
  3. Have you tried another Monitor? the other day my monitor wouldn't leave sleep mode but after pluggin it into another and then back its worked fine. I was also able to confirm that I was getting past POST by blindly navigating my login screen and then remotely accessing my computer using TeamViewer.

    other wise it can be your Motherboard, Power Supply or even bad RAM.
  4. Chris
    yes I try a different monitor as well and same thing even with a different video card but same result. I try each of the ram one by one. The mouse and keyboard doesn't light up their also no beep sound when I turn on the pc
  5. If puLling power from the wall and draining the CMOS does not work see if someone has a power supply tester or a spare power supply. You may have damaged the power supply.
  6. Smorizio
    the motherboard has a jpwr2 an jpwr 3 and the psu I borrow only have plug for one jpwr should that still be able to work if I just use jpwr2 only
  7. Some msi and other mb have two plugs. One s a molex plug for people with older power supply's. Newer mb can have four or eight pin power plug. On the eight pin plugs you can use older ps with only four pins. You won't hurt the mb.
  8. Well I try it wit jpwr2 8 pin and same result as before still a blank screen but it turned on the pc
  9. With the System running try plugging the monitor cables onto the mb video ports to see if there working.
  10. The mb doesn't have a video port
  11. Best answer
    If the mb has a built in speaker or a case speaker. Take the video card and all your ram out and see if there a CMOS beep Code failure. If the mb has post led see if they go red. If they do and or you get a beep your mb is trying to post. If you get zip see if there a short in the case.. Take the mb out and try again. If nothing then your mb may have been damaged.
  12. Okay thanks smorizio I try that and still no beep. Guess the mb was damage
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