i can't boot into windows 7

Hi i just formatted my laptop with fresh copy of windows 7 everithing was going good its normal to restart several times but now when press the start button laptop starts and cames at boot from ahci cd-rom... and nothing happen i left him 3 hours and nothing was changed i allredy set in bios first boot cd-rom secound hdd i cant reinstall again with windows 7 he wont boot or with windows xp any answer... pls help!
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  1. Quickly reading over I am having a hard time understand the English in this post..

    Anyways this is what I understand:

    You installed Windows 7. It restarted several times during the install no problem. Now it gives you a boot from CD error? Why are you booting from the CD??? After the install files are copied (before the first boot) you can toss that CD away even... All files are now on your hard drive.

    You need to set it to boot from the HDD and not your CD-ROM. If Windows is already installed then you will boot into Windows. Or BSOD if there is something wrong..
  2. sry about my bad english now in bios i tryed and nothing happen again and i take of the cd again nothing just stays at that screen
  3. Try setting in BIOS to boot only to the HDD. Which you have installed Windows 7 on. Then reboot the system and see if it boots to your drive.
  4. again nothing..
  5. What is nothing? The screen is black? Explain more

    It could be a bad OS installation disc. Is it genuine (With the hologram disc) or did you burn?

    Try verifying sata mode is set to AHCI and try reinstalling Windows 7. With completely different media, different source image, everything and see if that will install.
  6. nothing is allways stucking at boot from ahci cd-rom the windows 7 is genuine and i tryed with another cd but i cant boot into allways stucks at boot from ahci cd-rom tryed verifying sata mode to ahci but again dont want to install...
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