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i wish to build a enthusiast pc while saving costs on premium consumer pc parts and just build a basic 4 core system, with the addition to either add or build another slave rack with 2 intel phi coprocessrs. rumour has it they sold rather cheap in the corporate world and will hit either this month or later on.

With intel phi co-processor while undoubtably oblivious to what they may actually cost in cosnumer market, they however add value when comparing to what other things intel offer since these cards are simply pci-50-60core dedicated slave server cards that im delighted to have.

I realise alone simply buying a xeons too expensive and un-cost productive for what i need it for while also knowing that i need a cpu with more cores but with the added precision; that's were the price point explodes.

After numorous waits for a cpu simply for scientific calculations me alone cannot keep up with the amount influx and demand intel throws at their corporate crowd.

Should i just forget building a enthusiast edition (6 core system or build a amd 8 core rig, or just wait for their fx9000 series cpu that i dredd very much until steam roller arrives or build a 4 core system) pc, since competitions slow and i cannot simply wait for a system with a reasonable architecture with high cores to arrive.

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  1. I would look at tyan and other two CPU system boards. You can right now pick up a four core CPU for around 200 us dollArs. With the right server mb you could drop in two cheap server CPU and ms server and the software would be running on eight or 16 cores if the CPU had hyper threading .
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