Used ram off ebay smells burnt?

I got 8gb of ram off of ebay. I have not yet installed it yet. Kinda has a burnt smell to them. Should I install them and see if they work or should I just toss them. If I do install them and they are fried what would happen. Would it cause any damage to my system or just simply not work and just throw them away. I have already 8gb of ram installed on my system the ram I got off ebay is the same that I have in my system now. Same make modle all that stuff.
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  1. If they smell burnt look for any melted spots on the chips or missing parts.
    If they been burnt they can short out your system and kill it.
    If you have a local computer store or micro center see if they have a ram tester that can test to see if the ram is good. Or use eBay buyer protection.
  2. I did a visual inspection of the ram and dont see any chips or missing parts. They look fine visualy. The seller said the ram is used but fully operational and he guarntees that it will not arive DOA.
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