New build help please

Hi All,

Loving this website,
I'm a neewbie to the building side, but decided to give it a go and build a good computer with a budget of around $2000 (sorry Ksham), (ex monitors).
I would like to run 3 monitors on the system

The main purpose of the build is for 3ds max, photoshop, after effects and autoCAD.

I'm not a gamer and heard that theres a big difference between gpu for modelling and gaming!.

Any help would be hugly grateful.
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  1. I agree that every nation should use the same currency, but that's not a reality. Please be more specific.
  2. I was thinking to start:

    Motherboard: asus p9x79 Deluxe
    GPU: Nvidia Quadro 4000
    RAM Corsair 1600 64GB

    No idea of case, cooling, PSU
  3. $2000 USD, CAD, or AUD?
  4. USD
  5. Thanks ksham,

    I noticed that the motherboard has a max of 32gb memory, and I was planning to use 32GB already.

    is there an alternative that has a max of 64GB in case I need more at a later date.

    I have an OS already so that money can go to better use.

    Appreciate the efforts,
  6. You won't use up 16GB. What would you run that will take up 32GB or 64GB RAM?
  7. not sure,

    thought you could never have enough RAM :)
  8. Best answer
    Why not save money instead? You can never had enough of that. Don't waste it on something that you won't end up using. That's like buying food and just throw it away.
  9. Cheers for your help.

    I'm gonna have fun building this.
  10. You're welcome. Enjoy!
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