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Hi everyone, I'd like to get a mechanical keyboard but i'm sure as to how to find a good one or if i really need one. I have a $10 Microsoft keyboard that i've been using for a few years and i haven't had any complaints with it, other than its not backlit. I was leaning towards cherry brown since i play games and type a fair bit for school. I'd also like it to have multimedia controls (play, pause etc. so i don't have to alt tab to switch songs while playing), and an led backlight (Blue or white preferably). Macro keys, usb ports, audio jacks, etc are nice but, i most likely won't use them. I'd like to keep it under $100 but can stretch it to $130. I'm from Canada so i'd probably get it from canadacomputers, ncix, tigerdirect, or newegg. Thanks for any suggestions.
edit: it also has to be a full sized keyboard
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  1. I actually tried red switches for the first time today, and love them. I had blue on my previous keyboard and like them, but red feels so much better to me. Switch preference will be based on the users personal taste. Blue is easier to type with, but red feels so much better for gaming, but I like red for typing too.

    I'd say give Corsair keyboards a shot, Corsair is a good company with solid products too.

    I just received my k95 today and it's such a great keyboard.

    You give also give either DAS or Razer a shot.



    Also read this guide here:
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