My computer freezes for a few seconds and then goes to a black screen!

I know this has been an issue for many people, but I feel like mine is a bit different. I have a Radeon HD 7770, 4gb ram and a AMD FX-6100 Six-Core Processor(3.4ghz). As a monitor I use a 32" Dynex LCD TV. I've been told that the TV is my problem.

What happens: I try to play Star Wars: The Old Republic and the game sometimes freezes for a few seconds, then goes black for a few seconds. When it goes back, my TV blinks and it tries to change resolutions. I can even see the box the TV pops up that says what resolution its changing too. Sometimes when I try, I can get into a game, but it freezes so quick. I lower the resolution in the game settings one by one to see if any work, but they all freeze. Although, the lower I go, the longer I get to play before I run into something that makes more action on the screen.

When i play WarZ, I have better luck. I actually get to run around a lot longer before it freezes, sometimes not tho. That being on low resolution as well.

When I play Battlefield 1942, I had no issues. I do not enjoy that game at all. I was just using it as a test. It ran fine, I'm pretty sure. I didn't play no longer than 5 minutes. Usually it freezes with in seconds on Star Wars and no more than a minute or 2 on WarZ.

Any suggestions? Could it be that my TV sucks? Haha. Here is the link to my TV for specs. I'm running it with an HDMI cable.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need further information from me, I'll be checking this a lot. Feel free to ask.
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  1. I forgot to mention, I tried it on my brother TV too using an HDMI cable. Same problem, but it didn't happen right away. Link to his TVs specs

    Another thing, I'm running my PC on a 500w power supply. Could that be the issue?

    I'm confused because this PC was built 2 days ago. When we tested WarZ at the builders house, on his monitor, it ran fine. We tested WoW, on ultra, it ran fine. I brought it home and plugged into my TV and all of the freezing started to happen.

    Power Supply? or Do I need a monitor? Ugghhhhh
  2. i had the same problem with my laptop
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