SSD capacity decreases over time?

I just got a ssd, and i have 182GB left on it. Yesterday it was 187GB. Earlier today it was 183GB... WHat is going on??? I didn't install ANY programs on the SSD. I Googled it, and im not the only person who has this problem. So what is it that keeps filling up my ssd?? Is it something inside Winodws?
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    Windows can eat up drives like nobody's business. A good chunk of it comes from it storing update files after they've been applied. You can get rid of this with Windows's own Drive Clean-up tool. It's also good to run CCleaner now and again, too, to get rid of the constantly-building web history.

    Edit: Also, if your page file is stored on your SSD (bad idea) and Windows is set to dynamically control the size of it, you'll see some massive variation in drive usage. Oh, and if your SSD also stores your Windows Recovery states, that can eat away at it too.
  2. So how do i get the page file and windows recovery states on my HDD`?

    Btw, its a brand new ssd (samsung 840 pro)
  3. Changing a page file location:

    And its not the recovery location, it's the hibernation file. Sorry, coffee hasn't kicked in... here's how you can disable hibernation:
  4. I dont want to disable tibernation i just want it to be moved to the HDD not on SSD

    EDIT: Just read the link, and its not possible to move system restore. Anyway thanks for the help.

    I will report back if the problem continues.
  5. You can't do that, sorry. It's advised that you just disable it... you don't benefit from having it on with a SSD anyway, since your cold boot time is negligibly longer than hibernation restore. Besides, all SSD manufacturers recommend that you disable it anyhow.
  6. Good News, i just moved the page file to the 2nd HDD and now i have 203GB instead of 182GB. Now we will see if its will still decrease, but still this helped alot. Thanks.
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