Is an HDMI Splitter what I need?

Hi, I have a TV wired up to multiple devices such as an Xbox, Laptop, Raspberry Pi, etc. I also have my PC across the room.

I would like to use my TV as the PC monitor when I'm in bed which I obviously know how to do with an HDMI cable but I don't want to keep switching the cable for my PC monitor to the PC every time I'm sitting back at my desk.

Would an HDMI splitter be the solution here? I've never used one before.

Something like this?
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  1. Umm, I think so.
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    Look's like you've solved this one yourself!

    Kindest regards,

  3. Haha thanks, just thought I'd get a second opinion before purchasing.
  4. Can I get a best answer?
  5. It depends on want you want to achieve. I had a similar problem since I bought a projector but wanted to also keep using the tv in the bedroom. This meant i needed something that can switch between the different hdmi inputs and then send it to either the tv or projector.

    I ended up going for which works great for exactly that since both the tv and projector had only 1 hdmi in. Note the one you linked only has one hdmi output, so you'd need two cables from the computer, one to the switch which goes to the Telly and one to the computer monitor
  6. Depending on what video card you're running you may not need the splitter. Any current card can handle more than one monitor (I run 4 1080p screens from my 7950). If you have a descent video card you can easily plug in the TV like a second monitor, but instead of extending your desktop you simply tell it to clone the desktop. Cloning the desktop instead of extending it means anything thats on your main screen will show up on the TV.
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