Ok I've gone full retard and cant read please help

OK so here's the problem I want to buy a 770gtx because its cheap and awesome on so many levels. But I will require a 6 and 8 pin power connector. I've been looking at power supplies and I am having a hard time finding very many that state on the box 8 PIN power connector but I do see this allot (4 x 6+2-Pin). now excuse my frustration but the hell dose this mean? is it a 4 pin and two 6 pin or is this 4 6 pins that COULD be 8 pin or dose it mean 4 6 and 8 pin.

reference link i probably wont buy one that's only 750 watt but it was the first thing i clicked on.
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  1. Best answer < Look to the right of the picture
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said: < Look to the right of the picture

    Wow i haven't built a PC in so long i'm looking at that and my mind is now blown it seems so simple and elegant an answer to (but i don't have the right kind of connector). Where was this 6 years ago i feel like I've just been missing out?
  3. Time to build again.
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