What do I have to know to upgrade my HP Pavilion graphics card?

I have a HP Pavilion E916OF and would like to know if I have to get a graphics card specific to my model or if any off the shelf NVIDEA graphics card would work.
I was particularly interested in getting a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost graphics card if it would be compatible with my machine? Thanks.
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  1. The most important thing you have to do is make sure that your power supply can provide enough amps on the 12v rail and that it has the necessary power connectors for the graphics card. Most card manufacturers will list the recommended minimum wattage, typically 500W or 550W.

    Second thing is to check that the dimensions of the card will fit into your case.
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    Your motherboard has a PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot.

    You have a mid-size case, which is likely to provide the physical clearance you need for many GPUs.

    However, it would not be recommended to upgrade to any video card which requires auxiliary power, unless you also upgrade your PSU, as your current PSU is rated for only 350w. This is going to limit your GPU selection substantially.

    You could upgrade your PSU and go for an auxilary-powered GPU. At that point, you will have spent a substantial amount of money and your system as a whole would not benefit all that much, as your CPU/MOBO/RAM combination would hold it back a bit.

    You didn't mention your price range, there is a limited selection of GPUs in the sub-100-dollar range that don't require outside power and may provide you with somewhat better performance. That would be my recommendation, if upgrading the system as a whole is not an option at this time.
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