Memtest86 Results interpritation

Asus P9X79LE
Mushkin memory

I've been having random crashes restarting the computer and occasional BSOD. Trying to discern what my problem was directed me to memory tests. When running Memtest86 with all my ram it would restart randomly.
I started running memory sticks in pairs. I recieved a result and the memory location said it was <0.0 MB. I took out the ram I thought was good and tried the other one by itself. This time I had no errors for several passes, so I tried the one I thought was good. Again I recieved no errors.
I then set both sticks up to run again and after several passes it resulted in errors <0.0 MB. So I pulled it out and ran each stick seperately with an upper memory limit of ~.1 MB. Every stick gave me errors reported of <0.0 MB and on test #6.
So then I thought it was the memory slot on the motherboard so I tried different slots and it still returned the same results.
Would this be an issue with the motherboard, or is it an error with my CPU memory cache?
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  1. Could be the mobo or the MC (memory controller), it's unusual for multiple sticks to go bad at the same time, so might want to try a different stick if you have or can borrow one. If it does the same, then you have it narrowed down to mobo or CPU. From there might pull the CPU and check for debris, thermal compound on bottom of CPU or in socket and also check socket closely for bent or broken pins
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