PSU or GPU problem...please help.

Hi,recently i bought Point of view Nvidia GeForce GT 630 4GB,DDR3.
Since then my system crash and shows me the BSOD,but only when i try to play games,and after that on the screen appear random color lines,like video card failure.I know i have weak psu for that video card,(minimum 350 or greater system psu with a minimum 12V current rating of 20A),but i only have 15A on 12V so that makes only 180V.So i will buy new Corsair psu soon but i need to know is only psu to weak or video card is broken i tried with radeon 4350 512 mb(old card) and everything works but i guess because that card does not need much V.
I think problem is psu because it is cheap one and it's not even cover minimum requirements for new card.But i need to be sure card is not broken.

I have dual core 3,60 cpu
420W psu.

I would appreciate help from someone,excuse my english is not my 1. lang. :)
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    You have correctly identified the problem. Most video cards tend to be quite resilient but there's only one way to test if it's broken and that's by getting a PSU that's able to power it properly first. Good luck!
  2. A weak PSU could damage your whole system, sagging power does bad things. Might to run on your old card until you get a better PSU, just a thought..
  3. thank you.
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