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how do i restore laptop to factory settings without cd. now have system restore and recovery disk s but it still will not load. i would restore it to factory settings if i could get to a command prompt but i can't do anything, followed steps in users manual but nothing
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  1. you could wipe it but then you would not have a OS on it
  2. Either there is a restore partition, or you will have to contact Gateway for a replacement CD ($$).

    In the users manual, it will tell you the sequence of steps for the Restore Partition.
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    If your Gateway notebook has Windows 8 included, you can use the built in Reset feature to reset your system to factory defaults. Instructions on how to perform this task can be found here from Microsoft Support. If the system is properly configured with a recovery image which is aware of the Reset feature, the factory image will be as the system arrived from Gateway. If it is not properly configured, Windows 8 will be reset as though it had been installed fresh from disk and may require installation of drivers from Gateway to function fully.
  4. please see my original post. i have edited it to include what steps i have taken
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