What is a good graphics card?

Ok I always hear people with PCs talking about how games look so good on PCs' compared to consoles...
So i saved up and went and bought me an HP desktop, here are the specs:

Mine is the i7 model


i7 Vpro 3.4 ghz
4 g DDR3
500 GB
2 empty graphic card slots
320 watt max power supply
i wont be using a monitor because i will be connecting it to my LED .. ( that's ok right??)
Price range max 200 $

I want to get a good graphics card one that lets me play games on hi setttings.. I'v been reading a lot ... so i am very confused i don't want to play on mutiple screens or use it for scince i just want to play games
So what do u recommend ?
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  1. 3770?

    ps is low. list specs.
  2. In order to have a chance beating out console graphics you will need a discrete GPU. Problem is, your OEM PSU wont support one, and then you have to worry about space in your case too
  3. OP, never buy OEM again. It downright sucks. You don't have the optimum amount

    of gaming RAM and your PSU has to few watts to get a good GPU. So next time, come on the forums,

    listen your uses and budget and ask for suggestions for custom builds :).

    Graphics on PC is indeed superior. However you ought to list which games you want to play on high.

    As there's a difference between Crysis 3 and Minecraft. You ought to be able to get a decent mid-range

    GPU for 200$ I think. But then again, depends what you play. You also don't need multiple screens, although

    most modern GPUs can output to more than 1 screen in a pretty okay fashion. It's just that the more screens

    and the higher resolutions, the more GPU power you need and thus usually a better GPU altogether.

    Using one screen is just fine however. You should go for at least a Full HD resolution in my view (1920 x 1080p).

    Perhaps you could get a Radeon 7850 or GTX 650 Ti Boost. But then that would require a new PSU. Something of

    the order of 500W.
  4. AMD's 7770 is probably the best gpu u can use with that power supply. it only consumes about 75w. its a huge step up over integrated graphics and its also relatively cheap, there is one at Canada Computers(i'm in canada) for only 99$ after rebates.thats alot of card for under 100$
  5. Hi guys thanx for the info...
    Custom made u say .... Hmmm
    I should have thought of that...
    Well i cant un do it.. So help me with what i'v got please
    First thing i did is that i went out and changed my PSU to 850 watts, i know its high but i want something that will support a very high end GPU in the distant ... Very distant future, because as u all know the PS4 and Xbox one are coming out this year and i dont want to buy any of them..
    So what card do u guys think will keep me in a good place for the next 2 yrs or so...
    I'v been doing the math i can go as high as 300 $
    Also do u think i should increase the RAM?
  6. Radeon 7950 is around 300 I think. Probably too high.

    Check my signature for RAM.

    A GTX 660 or will also do you well.
  7. Dude, return that garbage if you can. You can get much better for taht money.
  8. alexander0884 said:
    Dude, return that garbage if you can. You can get much better for taht money.

    I think he said he kind of wants to but kind of can't.
  9. alexander0884 said:
    Dude, return that garbage if you can. You can get much better for taht money.

    Although not optimum, I think you are being alittle harsh.
  10. $200 hmmm

    buying decent psu $60
    buying second hand gtx 295 2gb $60 this card still kicks a**
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