Computer working perfectly fine until Update Last night. Don't boot to start, just stays Back Screen

I really hope someone can help me because this windows 8 seems to be a piece of sh*t.

My friend has windows 8 and after an update he couldn't boot and told me about it. Last night when I shut down my computer it said (Update and shut down), even though I turned updates OFF. So I remembered back to what my friend said and created a restore point, then proceeded.

Now, my computer isn't even going past the logo screen. You know the screen with windows 8 icon and those dots start going in a circle, after that it just stays black screen and pulses grey then back to black forever. Then that's it, only way to turn it off is hard reset or switch. I've had to hard reset my computer now because of this sh*tty update and my computer is expensive gaming one and there's me pulling the power cord out over this f*cking thing.

I have tried to start safe mode or whatever by pressing F8 and holding shift F8 don't work. I put in this windows 8 repair disc that comes up with the repair tools you know the advance boot options that should come up automatically anyway but it don't, it did a while ago and I done a sucessful restore, but when I try doing it from disc it tells me there ain't a restore so I don't know if the disc options just won't work. I tried automatic repair but as usual automatic fix never done anything useless in history. I've gone into the CMD and entered the bcdedit and stuff I've read that apparently starts it in safe mode or whatever but it just gives me an invalid line even though I enter it exactly. I tried taking out graphics card and doing it all over again but to no avail. I even contact Microsoft and they said they can fix it from tuning it there end but I have to pay, ROFL? Yeah we bring out an update that renders your computer useless now you pay us to fix it the funny bastards. Omg I've never had anything like this, I ain't done or istalled anything, there's me playing Tomb raider and ever since that stupid update this. I guess I need to start the advance boot options like how I done before, because from the disc seems to be useless, I need the actual one from my computer to start like last time.

How the f*ck can a update be so bad? WHAT CAN I DO?
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  1. Updates do cause issues from time to time (I had the same issue after a LCD monitor driver update in W7). I don't run W8, but you should be able to boot to safe mode, roll back the OS to before the update. After that, check the updates and run them one at a time if you can. Once you find the culprit, you can skip that one.
  2. If you can still get into the CMD prompt, try running the System File Checker. Type sfc /scannow then enter. Hopefully it will find errors and fix them for you...Note there is alway a space before /
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