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so here is the problem,
i currently have a custom built PC that has both an SSD and an HDD. the SSD hold the boot files and what not and the HDD holds everything else. however i am encountering a problem with storage space. anything i download automatically goes to the SSD, and i currently have only 900 MB left. what can i do to have windows on the ssd and the program files and program files x86 on the HDD instead of the SSD. i am thinking about just rocking the HDD, but then that would make the PC very slow and unbearable. any help would be appreciated

thanks :D

P.S i am going to rebuild the storage part of my PC and do a format, so tips on keeping everything off the SSD from the BEGINNING instead of the END would be appreciated.
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  1. You can move your documents, downloads, and other data off of the SSD onto the HDD, and point your programs to the new locations.
  2. 1. In your browser(s), change the default download location to somewhere on the HDD. BitTorrent, do the same. I have a folder on the HDD called "downloads".
    2. When you install something, take the extra 3 seconds and choose a location on the HDD. Select Custom or Advanced during the installation. I have a top level folder just to hold those installations. Call it HDDApps or something recognizable. Install stuff there.

    900MB really, really want to change that.
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    In addition:
    1. Turn off hibernation
    2. Reduce the number of restore points
    3. Given sufficient RAM, reduce the page file
    4. In "Libraries" you can designate other locations - D-Docs, for instance (a folder on the D drive called Docs). Save newly created docs there.
    5. You can change the actual location of MyDocuments/MyMusic/MyMovies, etc. I haven't.
    6. All of my music and movies live elsewhere. Mine are on a whole different PC, but could be just on a different drive.
  4. ^ CONCUR
    .. especially the comment on free space - 900 mb free - OUCH.
    You do not Identify what SSD (size). But you should Leave a MINIUM of 20% UNSED so that wear leveling, Garbage Collector (GC) and Trim can work their magic to maintain the performance. Also anything less than 10% free will shorten the life of the SSD. Additionally with Less than 10% free some SSDs will slow down to same speed as a HDD.

    Have three systems, my OS + Programs (no Games) only take approx. 35 gigs.
    Some tips to conserve space, in addition to moving My Docs and downloads to HDD.
    1) Disable hibernation. If 8 gigs of Rams This saves approx. 8 gigs of SSD space - 4 Gis of Ram saves 4 gigs

    2) Take control of your page file (Virtual memory), Set Both Min and max to: w/8Gigs Ram set both values to 1024mbs SAVES approx. 11 gigs. If you only have 4 Gigs of ram set min and max both to 2048 mbs - save 4 gigs of space.

    3) Limit the amount of space that your Restore folder can use. Each restore point takes 300 mbs, JUST 20 Restore points = 6 Gigs. Limit folder to 1.6 Gigs. Personnaly I just disable restore points and rely on windows System image Backup.
    To Change:
    To disable:

    PS I see USAFRet beat me to it, left post as provided links on "How to".
  5. I would recommend you to keep PROGRAM FILES X86 on your SSD drive, but you can change DOWNLOADS folder to your HDD, that way you can get the best performance. I found cheap external SSD that I use External SSD It is USB 3.0 works like a lightning :)
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