100% GPU usage after 1 min

When I play a movie I get 45-50°C 10-13 % GPU usage 38-41% fan speed 130-160mb memory usage. After 1 min if i don't press a button on keyboard or move the mouse I get 50-55°C 99% GPU usage 52-58% fan speed 1600mb memory usage. If I press a button or move the mouse everything is back to normal again but for exact 1 min. After 1 min the same problem. I've done dust clean 2 weeks ago and also formatted my computer but the problem don't go away. This do not occur if the is no full screen application. Also occur in games. I've used MSI Afterburner for the info. I have NVidia GeForce GTS 450. After the dust clean the problem was gone but for only two weeks. Any solution?


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  1. You sure its not the screen-saver? Try disable screensaver and see if it still happens.

    Maybe it also is a driver issue. I dont know... we will see.
  2. no I don't have any screen server. and about the driver I've formatted my computer and downloaded latest drivers from nvidia
  3. You sure its not the psu or something?? Like power saving mode? Or a motherboard driver/chipset driver?

    You should also try a different gpu and see if it still remains
  4. I've found a background process dtctlehmml.exe which was creating after 1 min and burning my CPU and GPU. I've deleted it and the problem go away, but before this with dtctlehmml.exe the problem was coming and going. I will write back tomorrow just to be sure. thanks man.
  5. Do you even know what dtctlehmml.exe did?
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