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I have a used Intel LGA1366 i7 968 Cpu from my old broken (2010) Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard and have been unable to find a direct replcement for it. Would I be able to use a current board such as the Intel DX580G or DX580SO2, even though my Cpu is probably only second generation. If so, would this then allow me to upgrade this cpu to a later cpu in the future?
Any suggestions would be most helpful Regards, Laurie
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  1. Hi,
    Any LGA 1366 motherboard should be able to accommodate the CPU.
    No upgrade possible to a newer generation CPUs (different LGA).
  2. Great, Thanks for the info. I have just purchased a replacement Board from them
  3. you are very welcome! I plan to get one to replace my brother's baord.. his for some reason only see 4GB when he has 6GB and does a triple boot each time he turns it on.. he is at stock settings lol. i blame the board
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