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I'm building my first comp soon and it is going to run Windows 7 Pro. The only virus protection I have used in the past 8 or 9 years is Windows Security essentials, and I've been more or less virus free (just a few popups that I had to take care of).

Should I spend money and get good virus protection for my new comp? (it's about a $1500 build) If so, what do you all recommend? I heard Kaspersky is good? But is it necessary to get $50 virus software?

Please give your advice!

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  1. No. You can do various things to prevent viruses.

    1. Lock down the admin account(s). Users should not use it. Use a standard account. Easiest one.

    2. On a more extreme level, you can run VM or sandboxes.

    3. Be careful when opening .exe files that you don't trust. Especially through torrents and untrustworthy sites.

    4. Use a secure browser like Firefox and Chrome.
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    Best FREE Antivirus is Bitdefender Free

    Microsoft Security Essentials hasn't passed certification the last 2 years.

    Independent Test Results ^

    Bitdefender Internet Security Paid is also always 1 or 2 ranked in testing ^ $22.95 3-PC's
  3. KSham, thanks for the tips. Actually currently I use a VM running XP that I don't care about for any websites I don't trust.

    SR-71 Blackbird, thanks for the suggestion. The reason I stopped using anti virus was because Norton and/or Symantec slowed the crap out of my computers in the past. Do you know if the Antivirus software you mentioned has that problem?
  4. Norton < Norton's security software was recoded and revamped about 4 years ago and is now one of the lightest on the market , and one of the best.

    Nothing i mentioned will slow your system down.
  5. Hi Adrianime ! Prevention is better than cure.

    Yes, security software cost money but having some protection is better than no protection.

    You mentioned that you are building a new PC. If you are building this computer for gaming then also keep this in mind that some antiviruses have Gaming mode option and some don't.

    Do little research before buying any software. Visit there websites and look into the features. When I buy something I research for negative reviews. So, that I am fully aware of what I am purchasing.

    I am using Norton 360 but Every security software is equally efficient.
  6. Thanks for the answers everybody. I'll probably go for the free virus protection Blackbird suggested.

  7. You can go for Immunet Plus Antivirus, Norton 360, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Avast, Avira etc, for your new comp having windows 7. These are some of the strong antivirus tool which not only protect your system from virus, malware, other malicious threats, but also provide online security.
  8. MalwareBytes, AVG, Avast.
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