Question about Wireless networking on a Desktop.

Okay, Im not even sure if Im in the right area of the forum but here goes nothing.

Im putting together parts for a build im going to try and get in a month or two. While putting the build together I noticed that my Motherboard doesnt support a WLAN connection, Only ethernet. Im located two rooms over from my Wireless router.

Motherboard -

Now, If I was building this system, and spending the money on high end hardware, I would most likely spend the money on the Pro Series Z87 to allow for onbaord WLAN. Or, as another example, this Z87 MB with Onboard WLAN - Would this be the most easy path? Would not take up a slot and supports the newest AC?

If I wasnt, What would I even look for? My current router (Provided by AT&T with their U-Verse Service) offers 802.11 g connectivity and Im about to be upgraded to allow for 802.11n . Is there anything else I need to know to make sure both the Wireless Router and the WLAN card are going to work properly with each other?

Do I need a PCI-e WLAN Card? PCI mini card? I DONT want a USB stick solution, I want an internal Network card.
And I would assume driver installation would be the same as any other internal device? Ive searched Google/Bing for guides but have come out cold. Any help would be nice. As well as examples. =D

Sorry if this seems thrown together. I have the knowlege to build an entire High end system, But networking HAS ALWAYS been my weak point.

On a side note, do most people actually use the Intergrated Ehternet Port on their desktop? Ive always found wireless on a desktop to be great. Would it honestly be better to just run a Ethernet cable threw the wall to my Router?
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  1. You can buy a PCIe WLAN card. Most motherboards do not support WLAN.
  2. After doing some more research, I believe something like this would work.


    Would allow me to make use of 802.11N and is Dual band so all those Wireless Devices in my house wont cause any noise.

    Only thing Im a bit confused about is the 450Mbps. Im not sure if thats fast enough or not lol
  3. The TP-Link 4800 is an excellent WLAN card. Great choice.
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