old psu with haswell and bios

hi I have been asking around about if my psu would work with haswell some one said that I would have to disable the C6/C7 CPU power-saving states in your BIOS I have bought everything except my cpu and board the board I am buying is a asrock z87 extreme 6 or extreme 4 but i think the bios would be the same if you need it here is a link to the psu I have
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  1. so what should I do would I have to get a new psu I don't want to I would have to wait cause I have no more money I just bought the one I have now is here any new word on the haswell sleep mode did they do anything about it or can you turn it off your self in the bios
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    Just disable power savings in BIOS manually.
  3. anort3 said:
    Just disable power savings in BIOS manually.

    I just got a email back from enermax they said my psu is haswell compatible so I guess I am in the clear well I now I feel a lot better thank you for the help anyway
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