High GPU temps after reapplying thermal paste

So I recently redid the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu on my lenovo y460p as the temps were getting very high when gaming. I was amazed to see that when I redid this, my comp would shut off from overheating only seconds after starting a game, and reaching almost 100C.

I have some experience on this, and I feel I did a decent job with the application. I used Arctic Silver 5, and I hear there is a burn in time, could that be the problem?

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. You got something put together wrong. double check the heatsink mounts.

    Once the tim sets you will get 3-5 degrees cooler. nothing like the 30-40 you need
  2. yeah, double check things, also make sure that you did not apply too much
  3. I redid it a couple times with different amounts, spreading differently, and tightening the sync down. It's def only the gpu, as the cpu runs at like 70 during gameplay and the gpu just skyrockets. So it has to be something I did specifically to the gpu, which is odd because I used pretty much the same technique.

    Also before I tried to redo it, even when the comp was new, the temps were always high (80s almost 90). I guess it's just not meant to be a coming comp, but it's definitely worse now.

    It's only a pea sized drop spread over the gpu right? And maybe I could try to apply it to the gpu and heat sync?
  4. Did you use thermal cleaning compound before applying new thermal paste?

    If not that it probably the cause.
  5. I took off the old stuff with isopropyl
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    The best approach to finding out the ideal amount of thermal paste would be to take a coffee filter and remove some and observe the effect.

    If temps go up then add more paste, you have hit the min. paste needed to be most effective

    If temps go down then repeat the process

    This takes time to do but is the best way to get an ideal amount of paste.
  7. same problem with me, i play a game around 2 minutes and my laptop go shut down(laptop temp still warm), this happened after cleaning heatsink. before cleaning, i still can play game even gpu temp reach 80+ celcius. idk what is actually technician did to my laptop, what i saw is he put together thermal pad & thermal compound on my gpu(firstly he put a small pea paste, and then he put thermal pad above it). is it normal or weird?

    p/s: btw, the technician din't do the same thing on my cpu, he just put a normal paste.
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