Advantages of Direct X 11.0 over Direct X9.0

Developed Desktop application on XP using D3D9 API's for displaying wireframe and pixel images and performing operations like rotation,zooming ,panning on the displayed images after reading data from a binary file.

thinking of using the D3D11 API's on windows 7 machine for the same application.
1.)Firstly would like to know the advantages of using D3D11 over D3D9.
2.)How would it affect the application performance wise and will using D3D11 API's instead of D3D9 in the same application help in adding more feature set to the current state of the application.
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    Advantages :

    DirectX 11 features include:

    Tessellation – Tessellation is implemented on the GPU to calculate a smoother curved surface resulting in more graphically detailed images, including more lifelike characters in the gaming worlds that you explore.

    Multi-Threading – The ability to scale across multi-core CPUs will enable developers to take greater advantage of the power within multi-core CPUs. This results in faster framerates for games, while still supporting the increased visual detailing.

    DirectCompute – Developers can utilize the power of discrete graphics cards to accelerate both gaming and non-gaming applications. This improves graphics, while also enabling players to accelerate everyday tasks, like video editing, on their Windows 7 PC.

    Pixel Shader 5.0.

    Transparency Anti-aliasing.

    Ambient Occlusion.

    Post-Processing Effects.

    Performance wise DX 11 uses much more resources than DX 9. It is heavier and more CPU / GPU intensive. Also results in less FPS in games.

    Applications supporting DX 11 would take benefit from it and would give you better visuals, but for that you need to have Windows 7 or 8 installed. Windows XP supports DX 9, Vista supports DX 10 and Windows 7/8 support DX 11. :)
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