Haswell Motherboard and PSU Decision

Ok now since the recent release of Haswell i cant decide what Motherboard to get and also what powersupply i should buy due to the new C states .
Here are my parts:

1.GTX 780
2.G.Skill Riipjaws 8GB Ram
3.Corsair Obsidian 550D
4.Haswell Core i5 4670k
5.Samsung 840 Pro SSD 128Gb
6.Thermalright silverarrow SBE extreme CPu cooler
Here are some Motherboards and PSU ive considered:

Motherboards(preferably 300 USD)
1.Sabertooth Z87
2. Gigabyte Z87x UD5h
3. Asus Maximus VI Hero
4.Asus Z87 Pro
5. Asus Z87 Expert

Corsair AX760i

This system is mainly for gaming, and i will be overclocking the system too.
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    You really don't need that expensive a MB. Something in the $140 range will OC about as well I expect - I'm waiting to see the mid-range Z77 lineup. I'll say the Z77 version of all those boards was thoroughly overkill, and likely will continue to be so with much of the VRM moved on-die.

    Unless you have a 2560x1600 screen or Surround/Eyefinity array, there isn't much point to anything above a 770 or 7970 - they'll both more than max out anything at 1080p.

    You might want either a bigger SSD or a data drive to go with it.

    PSU should be fine, but it's way overkill and overpriced for your build, unless you intend to SLI/CF, at which point it's not enough. 500W+ from the brands in my sig, 800W+ for dual GPU.
  2. Is there a certain motherboard you would reccomend?

    If i do change GPUs which one would you recommend? The GTX770 or 7970 Ghz edition?

    For the PSU does it have to be 80+ platinum to be "haswell Certified"?
  3. No, and as there is no actual certification process nothing is truly "Haswell Certified". Any good PSU will be fine, especially if you have a fan connected to it.

    Probably the 770 - though the 7970 GHz Edition comes with a nice bundle for not much more, and I'd throw money at AMD on the hope it will help them close the CPU performance gap with Intel.

    Not sure, but I liked the GA-Z77X-D3H last round, and the GA-Z87X-D3H looks like it's going to be good this time.
  4. People say that the Gtx 770 is just a rebranded GTx680 and there only a small performance difference is that true?
  5. Yup. New cooler, new name, higher clock rate.

    Cheaper though.
  6. So i have a 1080p monitor right now and there would be no difference in my gamin experience if i bought a gtx 780 compared to a gtx 770 right?
  7. Pretty much. Tom's ran all their benchmarks in the recent 770 review at 2560x1440, and they were both usually near or over the 60FPS mark. With a 1080p screen, you only use a little over half as much processing power per frame.
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