Do I Need A Replacement?Motherboard Has Still 2 Months Warranty Left.?

I Have An Intel DH55HC Motherboard...The Problem Is The Board Has Become A Little Bit Flexible I Mean I Can Squeeze It A Little Bit.Does That Mean The Board Is Going To Die Soon?But There Are Very Minor Performance Issues With The Board.Since The Board Is Still Under Warranty,Will I Get A Replacement Board?Will Intel Send A Better Quality Board At Replacement(I Know They Dont Send Brand New Boards But Refurbished Ones lolz),But Do I Really Need A Change Or Do I Go On With My Original Board?Does Intel Send Previously RMA'd Board Against Replacement(I Heard Somewhere)?
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  1. Your taking the mobo out and flexing it? Why? You could damage it... PCBs can flex some and temps can even make them a bit more pliable. As far as performance issues, not sure what you mean, but INtel mobos aren't know for performance, they are suppose to be a solid/staid mobo to run things at stock on
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