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Hello everyone! I'm trying to build a decent gaming computer and I've been through many different forums and have gathered as much information as possible. But there is so much to know!! I've created a wish list but it is a couple hundred over my budget. My price range is $1,100. If you guys can help me swap out some parts to cut the costs and keep the quality, it would be much appreciated. (:

Here is the link:

Thanks a lot for your time.

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  1. why to build a system two generations old, and still pay more? this is better (although for the video card u might wanna wait for when the 760 Ti comes out in about 2 weeks time)

    This is as skinny as I could get it to stay in the same family: swap the proc to a 3570k, so much better and cheaper. Don't skimp too much on the motherboard, you don't really need more than 8GB of RAM, swap for either a Intel 520 series SSD or a Samsung 830/840 Pro - much higher performance for not that much more expense, the 660 is comparable to the 560ti for less money, case isn't sexy but it will get the job done, don't need more than 600 watts unless you're planning to SLI cards down the road, step down to Home Premium to save some money
  3. Hey Andrew, I would only get 8GB of ram, you aren't going to need more. Get a cheaper motherboard and invest in a better graphics card and cpu. This is the build I have done up for you. The samsung 840 pro ssd is very fast. Radeon 7870 is faster and cheaper then the gtx 560 ti.

  4. First off, unless you are working with SQL or on a Domain, you can save about $40.00 by going with Windows 7 home premium $100.00 (savings of $40.00)
    The card you have listed doesn't have an associated price, I would go with this one: ($170)
    The Intel 4th gen Haswell chips were released on June 3rd, so grab one of those. I would look at the i5 4670k ($242.00). This will give you the flexibility to overclock if you want to along with the best performance. An i5 3570k is a good choice too, especially if they drop drastically in price (currently $220ish).
    Consider a less expensive case too.
    I looked and couldn't find anywhere where your board says that it supports triple channel ram. A good 16 GB dual channel kit costs $100-120 so that would save a few bucks and get you 4 gb extra ram:
  5. Thanks everyone! I will take everything into consideration and build myself a sexy gaming computer :) You guys are awesome.
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