can't get my android phone and laptop connected to my home wifi!!! HELP!!!


I just purchased a d-link DIR600L router. I followed all the installation and setup steps and got the router connected to my PC. On my phone and laptop it shows that i am connected to WiFi. But to my disappointment i cannot browse through my phone or laptop nor can i download or upload anything. But i can send and receive whatsapp messages and check facebook updates. Its really annoying. Can someone help me??? Please

thank you.
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  1. so your trying to bvrowse through your phone over wifi? not sure most devices support that unless you ssh into with an app or have some sort of app to all ow you to access it as well as open ports to do so like i used to do with my jailbroken iphone.
  2. My phone does have a built in WiFi connectivity. When I use d WiFi at my friend's place or at the mall it works perfectly well. i think there's some problem with my WiFi router, because it doesn't work on my laptop too. I can load Facebook and whatsapp, but I can't browse heavy websites and can't download media files :(
  3. Hmm yes its something with your router, id unplug it then replug it back in to see if it helps. what's the model of your router
  4. I tried unplugging but it doesn't help. Its a D-Link DIR 600 router. Currently my WiFi is secured. Should I try restoring the default router setting?
  5. i would try resetting it as well as scanning for any interference, could be cause by surrounding wifi, i forget the command at the moment but google wifi channel finder cmd. also is everything connected correctly sometimes you have to unplug the power from both your modem and router then plug them back in.

    if it still doesnt work after and you have a wired connecting id be more than happy to assist you by using to remote in and browse the settings on your router
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