Keep the same settings after restoring Backed up Files

So heres my problem...
After 3 months my laptop failed its not a branded laptop its custom built from C Specialist.
They are sending me brand new Hard Drive and it will be here tomorow.
I want to keep everything the way it is settings wise however it will be running on a new installation of Windows 7 as I will install it on the new HDD when it arrives.
I know that I can create a Backup of the HDD and I am doing so on my Desktop build that has 3 other Hard Drives.

Im not just not sure a simple Copy and Paste approach is the best and creating a System image is out of the window as their are a few problems with the current windows installation on the laptop...

Any suggestions??

Thnks in advance,

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  1. The only way to transfer an OS from an old to a new HDD is to "clone" the drive. I'm assuming the old HDD is broke or it would not be in the process of being replaced. That being the case you will need to start over. Often HDDs fail to boot but are still usable for storage. If so then you can migrate data later from the old to the new.
  2. wow so bit of a development every time I try and back it up it was that Windows cannot back it up due to drive G:/ Being corrupt wtf....
  3. If your old HDD is broke (and being replaced) I don't see how you can get a reliable backup from it. If you could you should be able to restore it to a new HDD if your backup software allows that.
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